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Why you will love Bioline's polymerases

It's all about choices. With 11 polymerases, each with different characteristics, there will be one to suite your individual experiment.

Low copy getting you down?

The new SAHARA DNA Polymerase is here to your rescue:
- Ideal for low-copy PCR assays
- Heat activated for ultra specificity
- High fidelity for enhanced accuracy
- 3' - 5' proofreading activity

PCR Enzyme Guide

Bioline's PCR Enzyme guide is available for distribution. Kindly contact us for your own copy.

Do you know?

Bioline's ready-to-use polymerase pre-mixes includes their famous ultra-pure dNTPs to ensure optimal reactions till the last drop.

  Pipet tips for your PCR 


Pipet tips from Labcon North America is produced with precision to ensure excellent fit to multiple pipettor brands.

More Labcon products..

Excellent enzyme premix for qPCR
ImmoMixTM from Bioline Labs is a ready-to-use solution, incorporating
their heat-activated IMMOLASETM DNA Polymerase and ultra-pure dNTPs.
This product has the enhanced specificity required and reduced background
for Real Time PCR assays.

Biotium's EvaGreen is a DNA-binding dye which is spectrally similar
to SybrGreen I for easy adaptation. It is comparatively more sensitive,
coupled with its low-PCR inhibition due to its 'release-on-demand'
technology makes this your best choice for Real Time PCR.

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  Best Sellers

PCR Enzymes/Mixes
 BIOTAQ DNA Polymerase
 BIO-X-ACT Long DNA Polymerase

Kits for Specialised Applications
 Blood PCR Kit
 Fecal PCR Kit

 dNTP Set |  dNTP Mix

Molecular Weight Marker
RNA Analysis
 BioScript One-Step RT-PCR Kit
 cDNA Synthesis Kit

Molecular Biology Reagents
 Agarose, HiRes Grade
 Agarose, Molecular Grade
 Proteinase K |  X-GAL | IPTG
 DEPC-Treated Water
 Water, 18.2MΩ (DNase/RNase free)
 EvaGreen 20x in water
 GelRed 10,000x in water

 RNase Free Spray

RNA Purification Kits
 Total RNA Purification Kit
 FFPE RNA Purification Kit
 FFPE RNA/DNA Purification Kit

DNA Isolation Kits
 Bacterial Genomic DNA Isolation Kit
 Blood Genomic DNA Isolation Kit
 Plant/Fungi DNA Isolation Kit
 Gel Extraction Kit

Medical Grade Plastics Consumables
 HighRecovery Aerosol Filter Tips
 Classic Pipet Tips
 Ultra-thin PCR tubes
 1.7mL SuperClear Micro Centrifuge tubes
 PCR Workstation
 100-place Cryo-box

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