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 Product Minisite - Labcon North America     Labcon for Molecular Biology?
Founded in California in 1959, this Earth Friendly Company have more than 800 varieties in their range of plastic products to cater for the molecular scientific community.

Products Highlight

HighRecoveryTM Aerosol Tips with SuperClearTM Resin

- Pure Filters made from high molecular weight polyethylene, won't contaminate your work
- Filters with average pore size of 10 microns successfully prevent contaminations from aerosols and fluids
- Non additive added, over pipetted samples can be completely recovered without cutting into tip
- Filter tips are autoclavable
- Lot certified purify
- Manufactured for best fitting with popular pipets
- Tips fitting Rainin LTS® pipets available

Classic Tips

- Manufactured for best fitting with popular pipets
- Made of high quality 100% pure virgin medical grade polypropylene
- Every lot tested and certified free of detectable Nuclease (RNase/DNase)
- Models with beveled points ensure minimum fluid retention
- Tips fitting Rainin LTS® pipets available

0.2mL PCR tubes and SuperClearTM MicroCentrifuge Tubes

- PCR tubes have ultra thin walls for optimal thermal transfer during PCR
- Elastic PCR tube walls ensure ultra durability and prevent breakage
- Ultra clear polypropylene resin give clear view of pellets
- MicroCentrifuge tubes available in 0.65, 1.7 and 2.0mL sizes
- Autoclavable and freezable

SuperClearTM 15mL and 50mL Centrifuge Tubes

- Autoclavable and freezable
- Max RCF 15,000 (50mL and 15mL printed tubes)
- Withstand breakage better than popular brands

SuperClearTM Screw Cap Micro Tubes

- Ultra clear resin for excellent view of contents
- 0.5, 1.5 and 2.0mL sizes
- Sterile tubes supplied in resealble bags
- Caps include polypropylene or silicone O-ring seal for secure storage
- Caps and tubes are autoclavable and freezable
- Withstand 20,000 RCF centrifuge
- Available in looped cap or loose cap versions

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 Labcon's products are manufactured
 by an ISO 9001 registered
 manufacturing facility. Where
 applicable products are certified to
 be free of Nuclease (RNase and
 DNase) and endotoxin.

 Resins used are compliant with
 FDA CFR Title 21 177.1520,
 178.3295, 178.3297 and ISO
 10993-3 to ensure they are not
 harmful to cells or tissue samples.
  What is Sterile? 
 Labcon sterile products have been certified
 sterile using a validated medical sterile
 process. They also only use the higher
 quality Radiation Stabilized medical grade
 resins, they also use the more acceptable
 Gamma Irradiation process that ensures
 your products is really sterile

 Some others offer irradiated or 'pre-sterile'
 product without any sterile testing or label
 their product 'for research only'. They also use
 cheaper grade commodity resins in their tips
 and then use the less reliable Beta, or
 'E-Beam' sterilization process to prevent their
 tips from yellowing.
 Tip Fittings 
  Filter and Classic tip models are
 manufactured to fit the following popular
 pipet brands:

 BIOHIT eLine, ePette, mLine, Proline
 Electronic, Proline
 BRAND Transferpette, Transferpette
 EPPENDORF Electronic, Reference,
 Research Pro, Research
 GILSON Pipetman, Pipetman Ultra
 Rainin Latch Mode, Pipet Lite with LTS,
 Pipet Plus with LTS, Rainin Classic
 THERMO Finpipette Digital, Finnpipette
 Focus, Finnpipette Biocontrol, Finnpipette
 Digital 16, Finnpipette Novus
 CORNING 8-Pette, 12-Pette, Octapette,
 HAMILTON Softgrip, Softouch Electronic
 HIGH TECH LAB Labmate. V3
 KENDALL Oxford Benchmate
 LABNET Labpette, Biopette E
 MATRIX Impact, Impact 2
 METTLER Mettler Toledo
 NICHIRYO 5000DG, Nichiryo EX
 SOCOREX Acura 825, 815, 855, Calibra,

  Contact us at +603 8076 8010 or email to to locate your area representative

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